North Zen Villas' wellness spa wraps you in an ambience that relaxes, with fine details you’ll always remember.

Find your balance. Restore harmony to your body’s key energy centers. Experience a rare kind of serenity. Zenses, The Spa offers an array of treatments for optimum relaxation and recovery. It is also the perfect place to escape the pressures of modern living and reconnect with nature.

Indoor Spa

A refreshing indulgence for your body and spirit awaits here. Our signature massage is a fusion of Shiatsu and Swedish massage. We also offer foot massage, ventosa, and facial and body scrubs. Zenses is open from 1 to 10 pm.

Outdoor Spa

The mangrove hut spa cabanas of our Panglao resort and spa are open from 1 to 10 pm. To preserve the harmony within North Zen Villa's spa, guests aged 15 and below are not allowed in the area.